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Here is the downloadable PDF version of the book, complete with all the entries, graphics, and cartoons.  I hope you enjoy:

RootEyeDictionary.pdf (6.5 megs)

If you find the content useful, please buy the print version at amazon here.  Also, please feel free to “spread the word” and email the pdf to everyone you know who might benefit from this knowledge.

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please add me to mailing list

Comment by Vickie — August 22, 2013

No problem Vickie. I’ll add you to the list … but you’ll need to confirm when you get the email. The list is “double opt-in” to avoid the potential for spam.


Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 22, 2013

You seem like a decent straight forward person, I appreciate that.
I’m new to the industry. I work at Walmart and just spent my first day in the vision center. I have lots to learn and need to understand things as quickly as possible. I’m trying to understand the lensometer and the readings I’m taking. I’m trying to understand what Sphere, Cylinder and Axis represent. I’m still researching, but if you have something that can help me along the way that would be great.
Steve Solarz

Comment by steve solarz — August 25, 2013

Steve, You might find a couple of video lectures of mine useful:

Introduction to Optics (24 minutes)

Using the Lensometer (2 minutes)

Unfortunately, both of these videos were created for people using “positive” cylinder (and at WalMart, you’ll probably be using “negative”) but the first video should explain the difference. Good luck!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 25, 2013

Always great from Dr. Root. Meanwhile, still waiting for the video on how to simply use the Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope from your own perspective sir. However, if this already exist, can someone pls send me the link? Pls respond Dr. Root as I love all your lectures as they have made me a better student. Pls dont disappoint me sir. Thanks in anticipation. Regards, Ozone.

Comment by Ozone — August 26, 2013

Pls, add me to your mailing list. I would like to receive any news and update from you. Thank you

Comment by PHAN DANG LONG — August 26, 2013

I will be very happy if you add me in the mailing list.

Comment by Ibrahim younis — August 27, 2013

@PhanDangLong: No problem, but it looks like you managed to subscribe yourself with the link above so you should be good.

@Ibraham: ditto

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 27, 2013

Your lectures are very good , Dr. Root. Plz enroll me in ur mailing list.thank you sir.

Comment by Dr.manu Thomas — August 27, 2013

Dear Dr Timothy Root,
I’m very happy to receive your answer, and now, I would like to receive a little bit more about Amblyopia, especially exercises for training the lazy eye, easy understanding, easy doing and effectively.
And besides, I would like to learn about low vision from easy to complicated theory and practice.
Thank you again, and I’m always looking forward to you.
Best regards.

Comment by PHAN DANG LONG — August 27, 2013

@PhanDangLong: I don’t have any lectures up on amblyopia, other than general review within my ophthobook pediatric chapter video.

As for low vision, I don’t have much experience with this optometric specialty. Sorry.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 27, 2013

I love receiving emails from you Dr. Root! Can’t wait to download the new PDF #geeked

Comment by mark hakim — August 27, 2013

Thank you so much Dr i really respect and enjoy your method of introducing ophthalmology lectures
Waiting for the new book as pdf
I hope you will present a lecture about eye tumor like retinoblastoma also a lecture about laser ophthalmology in diabetic retinopathy and its types stages i think it is a vital secton in ophthalmology
Thank you

Comment by Maryam — August 28, 2013

Maryam, not bad ideas for lectures. I probably won’t make a retinoblastoma lecture (other than small discussion in my pediatric lecture) as it is very rare and I’ve only seen it once. I cover diabetic retinopathy somewhat in my old retina lecture, but I should probably redo it at some point. Right now I’m working on the first eye lecture at EyeTalkRadio. Thanks!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 28, 2013

Dear Sir, Your lectures are very good.These are very helpfull for me. i would like to learn about low vision.

Shakuntla yadav

Comment by shakuntla yadav — August 29, 2013


thank you
the population aging this type of info is crucial for opticians to know what to recommend in glasses contact lenses ocludar and sunglass

celophane macula and ophtalmie de Grave are two pathologie i was looking for on internet for different patient that came to our clinic just this last month
Your help gives results at the source
thank you again

Andrée du Québec

Comment by andrée — September 1, 2013

Well I’m from Recife in Brazil South America;thank you:your dictionary is just wonderful Well written concise and straight to the point.
Easy to ready and cross references throughout .
I am sure it’s gonna go viral here in brazil,
South America.

Comment by Claudio A.G.M.Filho,M.D. — September 24, 2013

funny new cartoons :D

Comment by Dr.Aqsa — September 24, 2013

I am glad to receive this book. Knowing how well your previous works have been I have no doubt, this is will be great reading.

Comment by John Y. Mvula — September 25, 2013

very impressive. thank you for this insightful resource. definitely a must read for both medical and non-medical people alike.

Comment by jerry — September 25, 2013

Plz enroll me in ur mailing list sir

Comment by saeed — September 26, 2013

Dr. Root,

What would you say are the differences between Ophthalmology and Optometry besides being able to perform surgery and prescribing oral medications? I can’t seem to think of any other differences.

Comment by Eric — November 1, 2013

Eric, by your email address, I am guessing you are an optometrist. I think optometry is a wonderful field … I have the great pleasure to work with several and have encouraged my nephew to enter optometry school. As for the differences between ophthalmology and optometry, there are a few more I can think of:

1. Enrollment Requirements: ophthalmology requires an additional four year medical school degree. While little of this knowledge is directly applicable to the eye, this multi-specialty background is very helpful for understanding neurology, rheumatology, and infectious disease. It also helps for coordinating care with other doctors, understanding lab values, and reading imaging studies (like orbital CT). Also, ophthalmology residency spots are fairly competitive … even if you kick butt in college, rock your MCAT and make it to medical school … there is no guarantee you’ll be accepted into an eye program (typically 16 people interview for each residency position). I am sure that optometry programs aren’t easy to enter, either, but ophthalmology is still a bigger gamble.

2. Training: the emphasis on eye training is completely different. As I understand it, optometry schools do an excellent job teaching fundamentals in a class-room setting and try to expose their students to eye pathology in clinics and satellite offices. However, since each class of optometry students is large (143 each year at ICO according to their website) it is hard to expose students to a lot of live pathology. In comparison, my ophthalmology program had 3 residents a year … and all the sickest eyes from the entire state were shipped in for us to deal with (usually at 2am in the morning in the emergency room). Giant corneal ulcers, congenital defects, neonatal ROP, brain tumors … there is a lot more exposure to “sick eyes” during our training. The downside to this exposure method of learning, however, is that little of the “fundamentals” of eye care is actually taught in ophthalmology (we have no classroom training and are expected to learn these basics on our own time).

I love both fields and think they are great. Optometry doctors are being produced three times faster than ophthalmologists … so your field is gaining more importance with population and insurance pressures. Optometrists are truly becoming the primary care doctors of the eye while ophthalmologists are turning into surgeons.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — November 1, 2013

Please subscribe me to the weekly email update. I’ve viewed a few of your videos (I plan on watching ALL of them now…I’m hooked). I also make education videos for my ophthalmology practice in Mississippi. I plan to use your vids to train new techs. Thanks for all of the hard work that has gone into these!!!

Comment by Chris Crawford — November 25, 2013

Dear Sir, first of all i would like to thank you indeed very much for the great job. Its a pleasure and great enthusiasm to go through your book and read your lectures. Thank you again. Sir please enroll me in the mailing list.Thank you

Comment by Reshmee — November 26, 2013


Comment by ALAGIE NGET — December 14, 2013

kindly do add me too to the email list

Comment by rosha — December 29, 2013

Please add me to the mailing list also. Thanks!!!!

Comment by Brandy — April 3, 2014

I wanted to ask if there is any dvd of your lectures. And is it possible to download your lectures from internet.

Comment by era — April 12, 2014

it was nice experience to visit your website and study Roots Dictionary and Ophth Book.

Comment by ZIA — May 26, 2014

I had the privilege to be in your lecture at the Orlando conference this weekend. What an awesome experience! Thank you so much for all the work you do to make education fun and relatable! I wasn’t able to get one of your books, and unfortunately, missed the mailing list….Is there a way you could send one out to me, other than amazon? I would love to share it with some new techs in the field!

Comment by Bethann — June 22, 2014

Dr Root, I would also like to be added to your mailing list! Even in Amsterdam we love your videos :)

Comment by Claire de Gouyon — August 8, 2014

Dr Root can you add me to your mailing list? I would like to send u a email but I could find your address. I’m Brazilian opthomologist resident, and also a fan of your work!

Comment by Thais — March 1, 2015

Please add me to your mailing list. I love your books. Thank you for making learning more enjoyable and easier.

Comment by Denise Noonan — April 7, 2015

Kindly add me too,,, i want to get knowledge about aphthalmology, its very informative ,

Comment by tahira kalsoom — May 8, 2015

Is it pissible to download yor lec ,, or dvd is available ? It is nice to visit your website and dictionary and videos ,,,

Comment by tahira kalsoom — May 8, 2015

Dear Dr. Root,
could you please add me to your e-mail list too? Thanks a lot!
Best regards,

Comment by Anne — September 19, 2016

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